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Build a Cuisine Team

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Team Building Experience

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"Chef Alex is very kind,

super knowledgeable and fun!! 

The setting was casual and relaxing -

perfect for our remote team

to bond in real life.

A great way to learn

something new together."

Our immersive French Cooking Class Team Building Experience offers corporate and non-profit groups a unique opportunity to bond, collaborate and compete, while indulging in the rich flavors of France. Chef AlexG will guide your group through an interactive and hands-on cooking session that refines cooking skills and fosters teamwork, communication, and creativity.


* GOURMET FRENCH CUISINE - Learn to craft iconic dishes like coq au vin, steak au poive, poisson en papillote, ratatouille, salad niçoise and crème brûlée under the guidance of a celebrated chef.

* INTERACTIVE LEARNING - We will lead you through step-by-step cooking activities that encourage active participation, and make French culinary secrets accessible to home cooks.

* COLLABORATIVE CHALLENGES - Foster teamwork and camaraderie through engaging culinary challenges that require cooperation, problem-solving and effective communication.  Bond over the shared thrill of crafting a gourmet delight from scratch.

* SENSORY CELEBRATION -  Learn the art of plating and garnishing, then gather around a beautifully set table to savor the fruits of your labor.  Enjoy your sumptuous meal, sipping fine wine and toasting to the achievements of the day.

Team Building Group

Customize Your

We will tailor the experience to your  preferences, from choosing the menu to incorporating specific team-building exercises, competitions and collaborations. Our goal is to create an event that aligns seamlessly with your team's goals and dynamics.


We can accommodate groups of up to 15 in our location.  Our well-equipped kitchen offers a perfect blend of modern amenities and homey charm.  Located in a convenient, quiet setting adjacent to  St. Augustine's Historic picturesque District, it provides an ideal backdrop for culinary exploration and team bonding.

We can also travel and create a culinary experience in your selected location.


The French Culinary Team Building Experience can be tailored to fit your schedule, ranging from 3-hour sessions to longer immersions. 

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I source the freshest ingredients from local farmers and purveyors, organically grown / raised whenever possible.  For hard-to-find items, I use specialty suppliers to ensure that your meal is of the highest-quality as well as exquisitely prepared.

Join the Cuisine Team

As a Cuisine Team, your organization's participants will depart not only with refined cooking skills, but also with stronger bonds, fond memories, and a deeper appreciation for one another's unique contributions.  

Vive las cuisine, vive l'équipe!


* ENHANCED TEAM DYNAMICS - The experience fosters an environment where open dialogue and active listening are encouraged, promoting a more harmonious team.

* LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT - Identify emerging leaders as they navigate  challenges and guide their teams to success.

* CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION - Venturing into culinary creativity inspires innovative thinking across diverse projects.

* INCLUSIVITY AND APPRECIATION -  Diversity and inclusion are embraced as participants draw upon their unique perspectives and culinary heritage. Team members learn the value of diverse backgrounds and abilities, fostering a sense of belonging and shared accomplishment.

• LASTING CONNECTION - The atmosphere of conviviality encourages casual conversations that are free from formalities, nurturing authentic relationships.  

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