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"Authentic French cuisine at its best. It was a genuine treat to cook with chef AlexG and learn about his amazing recipes. His storytelling is a treat all by itself. My 18-year-old daughter and 14 year old son both said that this was the most memorable part of our vacation. Now they want to experiment with all kinds of chef AlexG’s recipes. I would absolutely do this again."



We look forward to hosting you! I am a very versatile chef, and I love preparing all kinds of dishes - vegetarian, seafood, poultry, meat or sweets.  We offer a lighter French cuisine influenced by the world. We use fresh organic and local produce and work with our farmers, but the wine is French :)


Please let us know if you have any allergies or strong dislikes. Your basic booking ($99-$120) includes one of the following seven menus (prices may change around holiday times). 


Entire class must agree by consensus - please let us know your preferences. Public classes are limited to 10 guests.


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Our basic class options and upgrades

Basic Class:



Optional Upgrade 2: 

This includes a cocktail or mocktail and a second or upgraded entrée recipe and more involved techniques. Plus, a dessert made by the chef will close the meal. This class is 30 minutes longer.
Additional $55/person.
(This upgrade will apply to all guests in your party) 


A. Fish Class


  • Salmon Poêlé w/Ravigote (tangy herb) Sauce

  • Rice Cake 

  • Asparagus, or Carrots and Peas (Spring)

  • Fresh Corn and Cherry Tomatoes (Summer)


Upgrade 2 - Adds

  • Salmon Tartare, lightly smoked on a Garden Greens Bed

B. Beef Class


  • Steak Haché with Mushroom Madeira Sauce 

(Fancy French Hamburger) 

  •  Pomme Sarladaise (Sautéed Potatoes with Sage or Rosemary)

  • Tomate Provençale (Stuffed roasted tomato)

Upgrade 2  - The above is replaced by

 The Bistro Classic:

  • Steak au Poivre or Entrecôte Marchant de Vin)

  • Haricot Vert (French Green Beans)

Upgrade 3 -  The Côte de Boeuf for 2 (Bone in ribeye steak or Bone-in cowboy steak) 

  •  Gratin Dauphinois (Potato Gratin) 

  •  Salad Composée.


C. Chicken Class


  •   Lemon Chicken with Golden Raisins and Pistachio Nuts

  •   Camarguais Red Risotto mix with Asparagus


Upgrade 2  adds

  • My Mom’s Chicken Paupiette (rolled and stuffed escaloppe of chicken)

  • Camarguais Red Risotto mix with Asparagus 

D. Shrimp Class


  • My take on Shrimp and Grits: Local Shrimp with Fresh Sweet Corn Polenta


Upgrade 2 - Adds

  • Coconut Shrimp or Asian Shrimp Salad

  • Eggplant Sauce (can be replaced with Zucchini Sauce) for the Grits


E. Vegetarian Class


  •  Omelette Soufflé with Fine “Herbes” (fresh herbs)

  •  Simple Ratatouille


Upgrade 2 

  • Fresh Sweet Corn Polenta

  • Grilled Portobello with Balsamic Reduction


F. Pasta Duo or Trio Tasting Class


Basic  - minimum of 4 guests - contact us if your group is smaller. The Two-Pasta recipes class is $125/guest. 

  • Seasonal Pasta Tasting Dinner 

  • Crudités Salad


Upgrade 2  -  adds

One more recipe to make the Italian flag : Green  White  Red. $165/guest, with a minimum of 4 guests​​

  • Served with Welcome Cocktail


G. Dessert Duo or Trio Tasting Class

Basic  - minimum of 4 guests - contact us if your group is smaller. 

The two-dessert class is $130/guest, 

  • Crème Brûlée

  • Pear Soufflé

  • Served with Welcome Cocktail and Appetizer 


Upgrade 2  - minimum of 4 guests - contact us if your group is smaller.   ($175/guest)

Make the Class a Dessert Trio Tasting Menu. Add one more recipe to take home. 

  • Crème Brûlée

  • Chocolate Soufflé

  • Tarte Tatin (upside down caramelized fruit tart)

  • Served with Welcome Cocktail and Appetizer 



Review our upgrades to enhance your experience.

(Pay in person for upgrades when you are at the class :) 


Optional Upgrade 1: 


This option offers a customized class to accommodate allergies and personal requests, as well as a welcome cocktail or mocktail and a thank you sweet.   Additional $35/ person. 

(This option will apply to all guests in your individual booking.) 

Optional Upgrade 2  (see itemized descriptions above): 

Optional Upgrade 3: 

A deluxe customized menu with cocktail, appetizer, desert and your choice of entrée (local catch of the day, Pink Key West shrimp and Gulf coast Red shrimp, Prime cuts of meat, Wagyu beef,  duck, lamb, etc). 

Upgrade 3 offers a more personal experience, expanded menu possibilities and more involved techniques.
This class is 30 to 45 minutes longer.  Additional $65-$75/person depending on food cost and recipe choice.
(This option is offered to private groups only, unless all guests in a public class select this upgrade.)


 Here are a few examples of classes with upgrade 3: 

The Bistro Steak Classic

  • Filet with black peppercorn cream sauce (steak au poivre) AND entrecôte with red wine sauce Bordeaux style (steak Marchand de vin).


The Duck class:

  •   Duck magret and confit Périgord style.


The Lamb class:

  • The secret to a perfect lamb chop

  • Lamb stew Moroccan style (Tagine)

  • Braised lamb shank with white beams Bistro style


A Few Classics:

  • Salad Niçoise with fresh seared tuna (green beans, tomatoes, baby potatoes, hard boiled eggs, cucumbers, olives and much more).

  • Local fish in papillote with Thai basil tomato sauce, wrap in Swiss chard.

  • The perfect sea scallop. Cook like a Michelin star restaurant.

  • Savory and sweet crêpes with multiple stuffings. Great for children and adults, a party favorite.


French Power Lunch: Fancy sandwich and champagne class.                        

  • Pan Bagnat (famous sandwich from Nice, a complete meal), great for picnic and the beach.                                 •

  • Croque monsieur/madame - another café classic. 

  • Champagne and its cocktails. 


The Voyage Series:

- Voyage series: Peru (Ceviche class :) 

- Voyage series: Vietnam (green papaya salad with beef and chicken satay style class :) 

- Voyage series: Spain (Pailla class :)

I can also create a class for your private party special request or a romantic couple tête à tête. 


Or I can be your private chef for your special event or celebrations. 

A Note About Our Ingredients -

We do our best to source the best ingredients for our creations.

Growing up in France, I loved going to the farmers market with my mom. Her cooking was based on what she would find at the market or grow in her garden, plus the occasional game my father would bring home.

So two or three times a week she visited her Jardiniers, Poisonnier, Boucher and of course Fromager. 

It is called “faire le marché”.

So I am carrying on the tradition.

Yes the ingredients are more expensive but your meal is only as good as the ingredients you use. Then comes the technique, tricks of the trade and the passed down secrets.

We base our menu around seasonal recipes and we use Organic produce as much as possible when available and we always try to source from our local farmers markets.

I choose grass-fed or USDA Prime beef and lamb, Berkshire Pork and organic free range chicken or red heritage when available. 

For the top meat try Wagyu beef or Iberico Pork and Sasso pasture raised bird.

Our wild-caught seafood is local and conscientiously sourced. If it is farm raised we use sustainably-labeled products that subscribe to the highest standards.

You do pay a little more but now you know where your money is going.

I hope that makes you feel good, and trust me you can taste the difference.

When in St Augustine come share our unique experience with celebrity Chef AlexG.

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