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Dinner Party Cooking Class in Saint Augustine

Dinner Party Cooking Class in Saint Augustine

A 2-hour brunch or dinner class in our home kitchen or outdoor patio.  Learn to make a healthy version of your favorite French classic dishes, or ask Chef AlexG to create a surprise menu.  Classes are small (limited to 8 people for a public class, up to 10 people for a private class) and customized to your likes and dislikes.  Pricing starts at $100


    Please use the contact form and we'll get in touch with you to book the class.  Online booking coming soon.  

  • Chef AlexG SPRING / SUMMER MENU 2023

    We look forward to hosting you! I am a very versatile chef, and I love preparing all kinds of dishes - vegetarian, seafood, poultry, meat or sweets.

    A lighter French cuisine influenced by the world. We use fresh organic and local produce and work with our farmers, but the wine is French :)

    Please let us know if you have any allergies or strong dislikes.

    Your $95 booking includes one of the following five summer menus (prices may change around holiday times). 

    Entire class must agree by consensus - please let us know your preferences. 

    Public classes are limited to 10 guests.

    Our basic class options and upgrades:

    A. Salmon Poêlé w/Ravigote (tangy herb) Sauce

    - Rice in the Camarguais’s Way with Saffron and Lemon

    - Fresh Corn Cooked with the Waterless Method

    Upgrade 2 adds -

    -  Salmon Tartare, lightly smoked with Garden Greens.

    -  Asparagus Cooked with the Waterless Method

    B. Steak Haché with Mushroom Madeira Sauce (fancy French hamburger)

    - Pomme Sarladaise (sautéed potatoes with sage)

    - Tomate Provençale (a very special roasted tomato)

    Upgrade 2  The above is replaced by -

    The Bistro Classic

    (steak au poivre or entrecôte marchant de vin)

    C. Lemon Chicken with Golden Raisin and Pine Nuts

    -  Jasmine Rice with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

    Upgrade 2  The above is replaced by -

    -   My Mom’s Chicken Paupiette (stuffed and rolled chicken breast)

    -  Succotash 

    D. My Take on Shrimp and Grits

    - Local Shrimp with Fresh Sweet Corn Polenta

    - Eggplant Sauce (can be replace with Zucchini Sauce)

    Upgrade 2 adds -

    Coconut Shrimp or Asian Shrimp Salad

    E. Vegetarian Meal -

    - Omelette Soufflé with Fine Herbes (fresh herbs)

    - Simple Ratatouille or Succotash

    Upgrade 2 adds -

    - French Tomato Salad

    - Grilled Portobello with Balsamic Reduction

    F. Seasonal Pasta Tasting Dinner 

    - Crudités Salad 

    The Two-Pasta recipes class is $120/guest, minimum of 4 guests. 

    Upgrade 2 (+40/person) adds -
    - One more recipe to make the class a Pasta Trio Tasting Dinner. 

    G. The Dessert Class
    - Served with Cocktail and Appetizer 

    The two-dessert class is $120/guest, minimum of 4 guests. 

    Upgrade 2 adds -
    - Make the Class a Dessert Trio Tasting Menu by adding one more recipe to take home.

    Review our upgrades to enhance your experience (pay in person when you are at the class :) 

    Optional Upgrade 1:

    This option offers a customized class to accommodate allergies and personal requests, as well as a welcome cocktail or mocktail and a thank you sweet.
    Additional $30 / person. 

    (This option will apply to all guests in your individual booking.) 

    Optional Upgrade 2: 

    This includes Upgrade 1 plus an appetizer to accompany the cocktail or mocktail.
    Also, you will make a second (or upgraded) entrée recipe and learn more involved techniques. 

    Option 2 includes a dessert made by the chef to close the meal. This class is 30 to 45 minutes longer.
    Additional $50 / person.
    (This upgrade will apply to all guests in your party) 

    Optional Upgrade 3: 

    A deluxe customized menu with cocktail, appetizer, desert and your choice of entrée (local catch of the day, Mayport shrimp and Gulf coast pink shrimp, grass-fed meat, duck, lamb, etc). Upgrade 3 offers a more personal experience, expanded menu possibilities and more involved techniques.
    This class is 30 to 45 minutes longer. 

    Additional $60/person.
    (This option is offered to private groups only, unless all guests in a public class select this upgrade.) 

    Here are a few examples of classes with upgrade 3: 

    • The Bistro Classic: Tenderloin with black peppercorn cream sauce (steak au poivre) AND entrecote with red wine sauce Bordeaux style.

    • Salad Niçoise with fresh seared tuna (green beans, tomatoes, baby potatoes, hard boiled eggs, cucumbers, olives and much more).

    • Local fish in papillote with Thai basil tomato sauce, wrapped in Swiss chard.

    • The perfect sea scallop. Cook like a Michelin star restaurant.

    • Voyage series: Peru (Ceviche class :)

    • Voyage series: Vietnam (green papaya salad with beef and chicken satay style class :)

    • Voyage series: Spain (Pailla class :)

    • Duck magret Périgord style.

    • Savory and sweet crêpes with multiple stuffings. Great for children and adults, a party favorite.

    • French power lunch. The fancy sandwich and champagne class:  Pan Bagnat (famous sandwich from Nice, a complete meal), great for picnics and the beach.                                    Croque Monsieur/Madame - another café classic. Served with Champagne and its cocktails. 

    I can also create a class for your private party special request. 

    Or I can be your private chef for your special event or celebrations. 

    When in St Augustine come share our unique experience with celebrity Chef AlexG.



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